Confined is based on a true story of Rola and Emran; two Saudis who have suffered social judgment of their gender identity. 

Scorned by family members and shunned by society for her perceived homosexuality, Rola lives in agony, forced to defend her existence on a daily basis.  Trapped in her own body, she seeks support from Dr. Suhair, a Boston-educated Saudi psychologist. 

Throughout her struggle, Rola remains unaware that her battle against conventions mirrors Suhair's own struggle to escape a long confinement in a decaying marriage. Over a turbulent decade of unintentionally mutual psychotherapy, Rola and Suhair, each confined in their own ways by their families and society, strive to break the chains imposed on them by rigid Saudi social conventions.

Unlike most literature about Saudi Arabia, Confined transports the reader, not to the familiar tribal regions of the Bedouins, but to Jeddah, the second-largest city in the kingdom, populated by multi-racial, non-tribal Saudis.  Located on the Western region by the sea coast, the city represents a different Saudi: one that’s much more cultured and affluent; one that the West barely knows. With so much controversy surrounding Islam and Saudi Arabia today, Confined highlights the blurry overlap between tribal conventions and real Islamic practice.


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