Anarchy in the U.K.

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Mick O’Shea’s ‘Anarchy in the UK’ is a partially fictionalised account of The Sex Pistols ill-fated 1978 British tour of the same name. Mick is the perfect person to tell this intriguing story, he has the wit, humour and imagination to visualise and express the aspects of the band’s lifestyles and antics that he was not personally privy to and, as we’re talking about arguably the most controversial and outrageous rock band of all time, there’s a fair bit for him to visualise and express.

‘Anarchy in the UK’ is clever, gritty, fast moving and, at times; very, very funny. It makes you feel as though you’re right there on that legendary tour bus with Johnny, Sid et al. It is a must have for any dodgy ol’ punk or, for that matter, anybody with a healthy interest in a nice, juicy bit of rock n’ roll debauchery.


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  • Pete


    “Try reading this guys n gals.For those of us who are not millenials,Generation X or Baby Boomers. But the children of the Filth and The Fury. At time of my life when I often forget why I walked into a room a few pages into this & I am sent spinning back to a time of seedy pubs,badly lit cellars, Billy Whizz come downs all accompanied by a soundtrack that you just knew your parents & siblings would hate.The teenage years of Top of the Pops dragged kicking & screaming to a long drawn out death one night as I listened to the Pistols on John Peel.No gentle trip down memory lane this….Put a safety pin through your nose,dig out your bondage trousers , Put some Pistols on the turntable ( remember turntables ?) ,Open to page 1 an DO NOT tune in, turn on, and drop out. - P Roche (review provided on facebook)”