Our aim is to entertain, educate, amuse and titillate. We publish the things that mainstream publishing houses would be too timid and puritanical to touch with an eight foot red pen. We specialise in the subversive, the arcane, the profane, the Occult, the esoteric, the fetishistic and…well, you get the picture.

So, if you are a writer with edge, anger, humour or insight looking for a publisher; then please feel free to submit to GYCC. We offer exceptionally generous terms (if we were in this for the money we wouldn’t be doing it this way) and we are authorcentric. You will be working with us rather than for us, with ultimate final say on every step of the process. If we like your work enough to publish it, then why should we want to change it? Obviously, we will make editorial suggestions based on our professional experience but, at the end of the day, your work is your baby and we don’t like to interfere with other peoples’ parenting.

First time writers are more than welcome to submit (to our will mwahaha). We will be gentle with you and still respect you in the morning.

Send your submission to wesubmit@gumboyaya.co.uk
or by post to 13 Holland Road, Brighton, BN3 1JF.